What’s the right mat for me?

What’s the right mat for me?

A question we often get asked is, 'what is the right mat for me?' - we are firm believers that if you buy something, you want to use it frequently. And while we think all our mats are versatile - identifying your needs will help you buy the perfect mat for you!

The Mezze Mat - to us, this is our most versatile mat; everyone should own one. The Mezze Mat transcends age - while we sell many of our mats to parents because you can easily wipe them down (hello messy hands), they are not just for those with children. The Mezze Mat is made for popping a mat down on the park bench, protecting your carpet from the mess, a table cloth, and for your dog to sit on - its uses are endless. It's lightweight (1.2kg) - it's perfect for throwing in the car for travel days or packing in your luggage overseas. It's large enough for a small family but also perfect for an individual (135cm x 135cm). For many of our customers and us, the Mezze Mat is the mat you didn't know you needed until you had it. It's the perfect starting point for trying a bonded leather and vegan leather product.

The Vegan Leather Padded Mat - if you have a newborn or one on the way, this is the mat for you! It's padded with 10mm polyester padding, making it comfortable on every surface. It's wipeable - so for nappy free time, spews, and when your baby moves on to solids, you don't have to wash, just wipe down. It's a generous size (120cm x 120cm), so if you have more than one child, you can easily fit everyone. Also very convenient for travel.

The Grande Mat - this is the ultimate outdoor social butterfly mat; if you love picnics regularly, this is the mat for you! Joel, my husband, loves this mat - it's large enough for 8-10 people (2 x 2 meters) to sit around comfortably, it nicely soaks up the sun (but doesn't get too hot), and you can still comfortably have a beautiful spread of food laid out. I like to think of this mat as the commitment mat - where you aren't just swinging by the park (The Mezze Mat is perfect for that) but settling in for a day of relaxing outdoors.

The Piccolo Mat - this is our little pocket rocket mat, a beautiful gift for a newborn or a buy a couple, and you have a lovely housewarming gift! We sell a lot of Piccolo Mats as gifts, and if you email us, we are always more than happy to pop a little msg in for you!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at hello@abilenethelabel.com or via Instagram - we are always more than happy to help where we can.

Phoebe xx

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