Mother’s who add value - Part Two with Sarah Prescott

Mother’s who add value - Part Two with Sarah Prescott

This is the second part to our interviews, emphasising that Mother’s really do add value in the everyday. This time we the joy of interviewing our dear friend Sarah Prescott, who is not only a Mum of two beautiful girls, but also a marketing whiz (who often gets many last minute calls from us asking if we’re taking the right approach, thanks/sorry Sare!), she runs her own business, sits on boards, volunteers within her church community and is an extremely caring and loyal friend. 

So today we’ve taken the opportunity to interview Sarah on her Motherhood journey, we hope you enjoy it as much as us! It’s an honest, raw and upfront image of her journey to becoming a Mum.


How have you found the journey of motherhood?

I once said to someone ‘I thought I’d lose myself becoming a parent, but actually I think I found myself’. It sounds sooo cheesy and there’s definitely seasons where I don’t think I would have answered like that haha. I think motherhood, and parenting, has its ebbs and flows…where sometimes it feels like you’re in your groove and other times all you want is 2 minutes alone to pee in peace, or not have to wipe someone’s bum for just one day. Parenting teaches you a lot about yourself, and it’s a bit like a mirror sometimes. I didn’t realise how self-focused I was until I became a mum!! Which is kind of a nice segue into question two…

How did you find the adjustment of becoming a mum?

I initially found the loss of independence quite challenging and to be honest a bit overwhelming. I’ve always been pretty self-sufficient and all of a sudden I had a small human not just hanging off my boob, but reliant on me for all her basic human needs!! Annndddd the sleep deprivation…wow. For me it was a lot to get used to. At the same time, it was also the most amazing thing that ever happened to me and I didn’t know my heart could love the way I loved this little human.

What has been the most challenging thing for you in your journey? 

Managing the mental load of being a mum definitely has its moments. Juggling kids, relationship, work, childcare/kinder, friendships, co-managing a house etc…you know, all that stuff. Some days and weeks it’s just a lot, while you want the main role (being a mum and partner!) to always be no.1, the priority juggling can be hard. I had a fair bit of mum guilt about working which I’ve had to overcome. Over time I’ve realised that I’m a better mum to my girls when I’m doing the work that I love, and I want to show them that it’s important to go after what you know is in your heart to do.


What has brought you the most joy?

Hands down, watching my girls grow into their own little people has been the most amazing joy. 

What has been one of the most valuable things you have learnt?

Be present in the moment, wherever you are - whether it’s playing with kids, at work or with friends. Which can be hard because parents are wired to think about 112323 things at once.


If you could share one piece of advice with a new mum, what would it be?

Get some other mums in your corner who you can be real with. Go to your council mums group even if you really don’t initially connect with anyone or if they all seem really different to you!! For me, it was so valuable having mums nearby who were on the same motherhood journey as me.


And our last question of the interview, out of 100 how much do you like your Abilene products?!

Every time I use my Abilene mat when I’m out and about, someone random comments on it. So basically, it makes me feel super stylish when I’m wearing the same active leggings and t-shirt for the second, sometimes third, day in a row. Also, sorry to say it but I really am not good at dealing with mess in my house and my 4 year old is craft obsessed. My Abilene mat helps me deal with my craft anxiety because I can chuck it down on the floor then let her go to town. It’s a 100/100 from me.

Amazing, glad we can help when washing clothes is out of the question! 

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