My learnings, challenges and joys in running Abilene thus far 🧡

My learnings, challenges and joys in running Abilene thus far 🧡

Running Abilene is not something I talk about often - mostly because, I believe, like most jobs, it has its pros and its cons. So for me, running a business is simply a part of my life, which brings me both joys and challenges. 

If you have read our story, you'll know we didn't have a plan to start a business - I'd always had thoughts and ideas, but nothing had ever really stuck to the point of fruition. For us, anything I chose to start needed to be sustainable for our family life, that I could prioritize being a Mum predominantly full-time, and was a viable investment. And maybe the most significant learning I have had thus far is navigating the tension of these priorities with the desire and passion for giving time to growing and developing Abilene.


Abilene, for me, was birthed out of a solid place in my life - I was very content in the season we were in as a family. I was enjoying being a Mum (mostly full time, I've always worked casually while in this season) so starting Abilene took us by surprise but also felt very fitting. But after some very timely conversations, we dove in. And while I've had a varied level of experience across different businesses, nothing quite compares to running your own. I've learned many things in the last two years, both practically and mentally - and I know I have so much more to discover (still not an expert - ha!).

My most significant learning has been to dream into the future of Abilene without putting constraints around it. When I try and control what's next rather than flow with it, it steals the joy of what is happening right now. 

Running Abilene has honestly been such a dream, one that I didn't even know existed within me. The creating, customer interaction, learning, and flexibility to work around our family life have been my greatest joys in this journey.


So thank you for joining us as we continue to navigate this journey and slowly release new products that are true to our hope to help you revel in life's simple adventures.

Phoebe x 


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